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 Top Six Moving Tips & Other Things to Keep in Mind.

1. Weed out Unwanted/Unnecessary Items Before You Move
Organize a garage sale or donate them to a charity. Remember to keep your receipts for tax purposes

2. Get a Jump on Packing
If possible, begin packing fragile or heirloom items a few days before the move. It will make it easier for you when your moving day arrives.

3. File Change-of-Address Notifications With Your Post Office
Make sure you inform government offices, insurance agencies, business accounts and other institutions of your move.

4. Keep Track of Moving Expenses
Many costs may be tax-deductible.

5. Cancel Services Before You Move
These include gas, water, telephone, electric, cable, waste-removal, newspaper and postal delivery services.

6. Contact Utility Companies in Your New City
Inform them of your move date so that utilities in your new home are operational when you arrive.

** Other Things To Keep In Mind **

Ø       Pack heavy items in small boxes, light items in larger boxes

Ø       Designate one drawer of a dresser for sheets and towels so they'll be easily available the first night in your new home

Ø       Place a sock or nylon stocking in your refrigerator with a cup of baking soda, charcoal or fresh coffee to keep the interior smelling fresh

Ø       Pack your current phone book you may need to call residents or businesses in your former hometown

Ø       Records and plates should be packed on end vertically, rather than stacked

Ø       Make sure medicine and other toiletries have lids on securely prior to packing

Ø       Remove bulbs from lamps before packing

Ø       Clearly label each carton with room number plus contents

Ø       Ask a friend to keep your children and pets when packing and on moving day

Ø       If packing yourself, pack several cartons each day rather than all at once

Ø       Pack on a room-by-room basis. Don't mix items from different rooms in one box

Ø       Allow children to pack their favorite toys. This gives them a stronger sense of belonging

Ø       Be cautious with boxes from grocery or liquor stores. They may not be clean and may not have the strength to withstand the weight of items you're packing

Ø       Hazardous materials may not be moved

o        Paint Varnish - Gasoline - Kerosene - Oil - Bottled gas

o        Aerosol cans - Nail polish/remover - Ammunition - Explosives

Ø       Pack a "survival" kit which you carry in your car, or have first off the truck

o        Basic Tools Hammer screwdriver, knife, tape, etc.

o        Bathroom products Soap, toilet paper, towels, etc.

o        Kitchen items Disposable utensils, cups, plates and snacks, drinks, etc.

o        Cleaning products Cleansers, broom, dustpan, sponges, etc.

Ø       Load your plants in the moving truck last, and unload them first check with the U. S. Department of Agriculture for regulations regarding moving plants.




Joseph Abbate

(888) TOP-DOLR
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